Airplane Graveyard – Bangkok

In a huge city full of attractions and tourists, like Bangkok, I wasn’t expecting to find a place like the Airplane Graveyard. As soon as I heard about it I made my way there.

How to get there

The world wide web provides a couple of really good descriptions how to get to the Graveyard and so I just took the bus to get to the water taxi on Khlong Saen Saep canal (I jumped on the boat at Sapan Hua Chang Station) and went straight out of the city center. The water taxi is a nice way to make long distances and to see some nice areas at the same time. To get to Wat Sri Bunruang you need to change the boat but just stay at the station and the next boat will pick you up right away. The ride took me about 40-50 minutes for not even 30 Baht (0,70€). After getting off the boat just take a left turn around the temple ahead and follow the road up to the main road. Take a turn right there and walk straight for about 5-10 minutes. You will see the Airplane Graveyard on your right hand side.

An unique adventure

Officially there is no entrance fee but as some Thai families are living there by now you will get charged around 200 Baht (5€). The fee can vary from day to day and there is no way to avoid it. But from my point of view it is worth the money. Just standing outside the fence gives you already an idea of the impressive giants and the unique experience waiting for you.

For about 1,5 hours I wandered around the whole area. Actually it is not really a big area and I am still fascinated how they managed to get the aircraft parts there but there is definitely a lot to explore. The locals have already taken over so much of the interior as well as pieces of the airplane itself and mostly the leftovers are just spread all over or squeezed in the cargo/luggage compartments. But I am sure this area changes quite fast and it appears quite different every time you’ll get there.

Watch your step – and your head

It is definitely possible to climb and discover the different aircraft parts but it is kind of dangerous as well and it’s advisable to be careful with sharp edges and rusty areas. I didn’t really pay attention to the fiberglass wool lying around everywhere while posing for some nice pictures and ended up struggling with it for days. It’s not really easy to get rid of it when it got stuck in your legs and your butt. I didn’t really follow the advise but it’s definitely worth wearing long pants while exploring this place. I know, it is hot and humid but it feels way more comfortable to be kind of protected.

Feeling small

Highlight of this airplane graveyard is doubtlessly the body of an retired jumbo jet – a Boeing 747 in it’s huge beauty and massive height. Wandering around through this impressive wreck makes it almost impossible to imagine that this aircraft once hosted hundreds of passengers and flown thousands of kilometers through the world.

I really like aviation hence discovering airplanes in this totally different way has been one of the best experiences. Definitely an unforgettable afternoon I’ve spent there.

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