Indonesian Cooking Class

In a small village close to Ubud I’ve spent a wonderful morning in an open kitchen next to the green rice fields of Bali to learn more about the Indonesian cuisine and culture.

Early morning stroll on the local market

Before we started cooking we first went to a local market to learn more about the ingredients and local products itself. Our cook explained that the market opens every morning at 4 AM and most people would visit the local market very early to prepare the meals for the whole day before starting their actual daily routine. The market not only offers food but also the palm leave-baskets and flowers to follow the hindu tradition of Canang Sari. They prepare the daily offering to thank the gods and to receive their blessing.

Business before pleasure

Luckily we’ve only been four people in our cooking class instead of a group of 20 people.
Guided through the different ways of chopping and cutting we prepared the dishes step by step. Cutting the ingredients as small as possible or even pestling all together in a mortar.

One hell of a buffet

After cooking for about 2 hours we were finally able to enjoy the outcome. A huge buffet out of 8 dishes in total. It didn’t look that much but after sneaking some bites while cooking we were all totally stuffed up before actually finishing the dishes.

Worth the money?

Absolutely! I really enjoyed the time at Canting Bali Cooking Class and to get to know the

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