I only spent two whole days in the capital of Myanmar. Most people were telling me it’s not worth staying in Yangon as there is not much to see and it’s a dirty, big city but actually I disagree. Yes, it is another big asian city and yes, there is loads of traffic, pollution and rush. But I felt comfortable there and enjoyed wandering around the streets. Pagodas can be found everywhere and small restaurants in the side streets serve authentic, delicious local food. Especially chinatown offers a huge variety of shops, restaurants and street food combined with the local life around. In 19th street, the heart of chinatown, it is even supposed to find a nightlife in Yangon. I didn’t experience this on my own but people seem to have great, funny and especially crazy nights here.

Shwedagon Pagoda

It would be extremely understated to say this is ‚just another pagoda‘. Visiting this monument for sunset is a stunning experience. To be honest this is definitely one of the busiest places in whole Myanmar but definitely substantiated. Numerous pagodas of different kinds and colors framing the huge golden main pagoda and completing a perfect image of buddhist perfection. Monks are wandering around the place not only offering a perfect scene but hoping to have a chat with the visitors as well. They are really keen to improve their english skills and show themselves thankful for every conversation they can get.

Circular Train

This train leads in a circle around the city going north up to the airport and passes the surrounding areas of Yangon. The trains in Myanmar are extremely slow so that it takes around 3 hours to complete a whole round. Still it is worth taking the time. For only 200 Kats (around 0,12€) totally different faces of the city can be discovered. Mostly passing mountains of rubbish you’ll get an impression of slams and hard life conditions in this region. Besides trash the train also passes beautiful landscapes located close to the city center. Locals walking through the train trying to sell fruits, fried snacks, cold drinks, peanuts and all kind of local food that they can carry. Coming back to the rush of the city after 3 hours even feels a bit strange as all the impressions still need to sink in.

Abandoned Amusement Park

I heard about this closed amusement park from other travelers and I got really curious about it. How often do you get the chance to climb up a roller coaster to enjoy the view?

Hence I made my way there and explored the abandoned area. Actually it is not totally deserted. There are some families living on the property and some street dogs defend it as there territory as well. The zoo is just a few meters away, lively and crowded. Therefore it is even more mystical to wander around and to explore the old amusement rides. It is definitely an adventure to visit this hidden place in the middle of Myanmars capital. But safety first! Not all of the carousels are still in good conditions. Just watch your step and watch out for rusty parts – then you will enjoy this special trip for sure!

My Tip: Head there for sunset – the view is amazing! But escape the mosquitos as soon as possible after sunset. I got literally eaten.

Sule Pagoda & The Independence Monument

Centrally located the Sole Pagoda can be reached within 20 minutes walk from Chinatown. The Independence Monument is right next to it and surrounded by a park. It’s nice to have a break on the meadow to escape the heat in the shade of the trees.


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