Gili Islands

Gili Trawangan


To escape the rain on Bali I decided to follow the invitation of some travel mates to join them on Gili T. for Christmas. Gili Trawangan is one of three small islands next to Lombok northwesterly located. To be honest the weather was quite the same but luckily the rain was getting less – or at least it wasn’t raining all day long any more.

Everything in walking distance

On Gili Trawangan any kind of motorized transportation are prohibited. So no motorbikes, no cars. Only bicycles and horses (chaise) are allowed. I was a bit naive to think that this might be a calm peaceful place therefore. You might find some quite places on Gili T. but mostly the island is really busy. Plenty of tourists are wandering around, the shops and restaurants constantly trying to get your attention (and your money) and many places are way too expensive. There is no pier to get off the boat, you just have to jump in the water at the beach which is fun. The streets are mostly unpaved so it’s getting really wet and muddy during the rain season. Just bring your flip flops and you’ll be fine. You can easily cycling around the island or even having a nice run for sunrise or sunset. On the westcoast of Gili T. the tides are apparent.

Where to stay

Gili T. offers a huge range of different accommodations. From low low budget to high deluxe villas you’ll find every kind there. It’s definitely worth having a look around to check for some nice places and quite often they offer a good walk-in rate. As a group of 7 people we found an amazing villa to stay for Christmas Eve. Of course it’s not as cheap as a hostel but a hot outdoor rain shower, a big private pool and a comfortable mattress in the world is worth the money.

But even if you have a hostel without pool it is quite easy to find a place to spend some time during the day to enjoy a refreshing dip in the cool water. Especially on the main road (promenade) directly at the beach some dive shops offer nice pools to join while having a drink. The water in the ocean is nicely blue and clear. It’s more about finding a spot with not to many corals and stones to get in the water. A wonderful place for snorkeling.


A nice walk up the hill close to Sunset Beach leads to a viewpoint for sunrise as well as a viewpoint for sunset. You will also find a small cave, quite hidden downhill a small path at the sunset viewpoint. Nothing special so far but a nice activity for having a short beach break.


It won’t take you long to realize that the island unfortunately is full of trash. While walking through the island huge mountains of trash will cross your way. Cows are standing on these mountains eating and you can’t stop wondering what eatable they might find in between all those plastic. It could be a beautiful place but they need to pay more attention to their nature and need to improve the waste disposal system (or maybe start to develop one first).

Gili Air & Gili Meno

There are two more islands that are even smaller than Gili T. and as far as I’ve been told it’s more quiet there. I haven’t been there yet but I’m gonna check it out next time I am around. People told it’s beautiful there and perfect spots for snorkeling.

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