Happy New Year alias Happy Two Months Jubilee

Happy New Year to everyone!

12 new chapters – 365 chances

This is a perfect day to get a little bit nostalgic. I know it’s just another day but still it’s the date when people start getting confused about the ‚this year‘, ’next year‘, ‚last year‘ thing. I like that. It’s kind of fun!

I had a wonderful start in the new year and I hope it was the same for all of you. Watching the firework on a nice rooftop bar at the river in Bangkok with an amazing view on the surrounding temples having my best friend standing next to me – no point in complaining!

Bye bye 2017 – Hello my dear, 2018!

2017 was an intense and eventful year full of ups and downs. I broke my hand in January and with all the free time I spent sitting on my couch the whole ‚I-quit-everything-and-go-on-a-worldtrip‘-thing started. The organization and planning of this trip has been a challenge undoubtedly and I remember loads of moments I was wondering why the hell I was doing this. But finally after traveling for two months now I know for sure WHY. And I am even more certain that it has been worth all the stress and effort.

I am proud and happy I have been brave enough to make this decision offering myself the time of my life. 2018 will hopefully be full of exciting adventures, breathtaking and unforgettable moments, challenges of every kind and wonderful places to discover.

I dare to say: I am ready for it!

And besides the fact a new year just started I am celebrating my two months jubilee.
Being on the road for two months now feels great! Still can’t believe I am going on I need to figure out which country will be my next „home“. Too many places to go, too much to see! Let’s see where my instinct will lead me to.

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