Wait – where has december gone?

Well, I know I’ve been lazy updating my blog during the last weeks. Reviewing the past four weeks in Indonesia I don’t really know where to start my report.

After spending two weeks on Java as well as two weeks on Bali and Gili Trawangan I am back in Bangkok now. Detailed posts about my experiences in Indonesia are following.

Having a break from being a solo traveler

Traveling never gets boring but the past four weeks felt especially eventful and I can’t believe it’s been only four weeks ago I flew into Jakarta. On my way through Java I was lucky to have my lovely french girl by my side and I really enjoyed sharing all these special moments with her. It’s not a secret that there are pros and cons in solo traveling. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet all those people from all over the world but as much as it’s enjoyable it is exhausting at the same time. Sharing ideas, recommendations and travel plans can be so much fun and additionally it is often much cheaper to share costs for transportation etc. For all these reasons I was really happy to be with her for 19 days and finally won a friend through all these adventures.

I came for sun – I got rain 

I can’t believe I have to confess this but I haven’t considered the wet season in Indonesia while deciding to come here in December. Bali reminded me of it. After two sunny days in Kuta and Canggu three days pouring rain forced me to calm down and I finally ended up sleeping almost all day long until the weather was getting better again.

My personal Christmas crisis

Christmas is an important time of the year for me and I have already expected being homesick around Christmas time. I was struggling until the 23rd where to spend the Christmas days. Especially because of the weather I wasn’t sure if I should stay in Indonesia or more likely should fly somewhere else. But as some nice guys I met in Uluwatu (south Bali) offered me to join them on Gili Trawangan for Christmas I booked the boat to the island. Luckily it transpired to be a good decision. More about my Christmas on the island in my next posts.

New Years Eve in Bangkok

Finally I am back in Bangkok to meet my best friend for New Years Eve. It feels good to be back in Thailand and I’ll allow myself some days to figure out where to go next. I would like to start with volunteer working to try a different way of traveling and to get the possibility to settle down for a while in a nice place. Let’s see what I’ll work out during the next days.


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