Ubud – Bali

Ubud, in central Bali located surrounded by the beauty of green jungle and rice terraces – I love this place! I would move here right away and without hesitating.

During my first trip to Bali we’ve been in Ubud only for an hour to visit the Ubud Palace, wander around the souvenir stalls and stop by the famous rice terraces Tegalalang.
After spending too much time at the beach while it was raining for days I’ve decided to head to the heartland to enjoy some jungle flair.

Explore the traditional side of Indonesia

I love watching traditional dances and shows so it was quite easy to attract me with one of the balinese dance in the evening. There are several temples and stages to attend the show and obviously there are differences in the shows as well. The most popular show is performed next to the Ubud Palace on a sheltered stage but I preferred a more authentic location and watched the dance at Pura Desa Temple. It is a play with several acts and takes about 1,5 hours. The story is explained in an itinerary handed out at the entrance. So even if everything is in balinese (it is not much about conversations anyway) it is pretty easy to understand the story.

At the end of the play they performed a fire dance walking and dancing on glowing coconut-shells. At this point I was quite happy to sit in the last row observing the crazy dance from a safe distance.

While staying in Ubud it is definitely a must-do to join a Balinese Dance Show.

The beautiful green rice terraces Tegalalang

…in my case: not so green. First time on Bali has been in July – high season. I remember the rice terraces overwhelming me with its shining green appearance. This time: not! The terraces have been quite dark and brown, I guess they have been harvested recently before I got there. But in general I know how pretty and magical this place can be so that I am already excited to come back during my next stay on Bali.

Quite famous around these rice terraces is the Bali Swing which is definitely on my Bucketlist.

In the middle of the city center: The Ubud Palace

A beautiful Palace located right in the center of Ubud. It’s impossible to avoid wandering around this temple. Entrance is free and definitely worth a visit.

Campuhan Ridge Walk – Escaping the city life into the wildness

I am so happy I came to this walk for sunset. It is a beautiful 2 km long trail through the jungle of Ubud. Surrounded by fields, palm trees and hills it is so easy to forget about the city rush and to enjoy the beauty of dawn out there. It is definitely a perfect place to have a run as well if you don’t mind a hilly route.

Monkey Forest – Watch your bag!

Most likely one of the most famous attraction in Ubud: the Monkey Forest. Of course it is super entertaining and funny to watch the monkeys walking around, playing with each other, stealing stuff from thoughtless tourists and eating whatever they can find. But besides the monkeys the forest itself is so beautiful that it is definitely worth visiting. I really enjoyed wandering along the trails through the forest, discovering nice hidden places there. Just repeating: watch your stuff inside the forest, the monkeys will get everything thats not secured in or at your bag.

Saraswati Temple

Only 250 meters away from the Ubud Palace this temple charmed me far more than the palace. The small lake in front of the temple with the beautiful water lilies presents a beautiful and peaceful scene for some nice pictures.


Ubud is doubtlessly a perfect place for some shopping. Souvenir stalls and shops are literally everywhere and especially the big market place in the center of Ubud (opposite to Ubud Palace) provides everything you might be looking for.

Cooking Class

I love to attend cooking classes in the countries I visit. After joining a cooking class in Thailand back in 2014 I realized how much I enjoy learning more about local ingredients and traditional dishes. Homemade food is just the best and it is so much fun preparing it by yourself, especially in a group of great people! More about my balinese cooking class following soon.

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