Uluwatu – Bali

I went from Canggu to Uluwatu hoping for a little bit less rain after being flooded for a couple of days. You might already sense what it ended up with: more rain. So I finally didn’t spent that much time in Uluwatu as I had planned to but I’ve got an idea about the beauty of the beaches around the southern part of Bali.

Uluwatu Temple

In my opinion the Uluwatu temple itself is not really that spectacular but the whole temple area is definitely worth a visit. A stone wall guides you the way along the slope offering a beautiful view. Monkeys running around in the whole area and it’s better to keep an eye on your stuff while taking pictures.

You need to cover your knees to visit this place. So you can either bring a Sarong or you can rent some for free at the entrance.

Uluwatu Beach

A tiny but beautiful beach to enjoy the blue water. There are several restaurants and bars located just on top of the hillside at the beach to enjoy the view. The most famous one ‚Single Fin‘ is nice to enjoy the really good food as well as get together later the night to grab a beer – or two.

Padang Padang Beach

A cute, nice beach to have a swim. There are some rocks next to the beach you can access during low tide. Be aware of loads of steep stairs down there. Some cute old ladies might try to sell you some souvenirs like sarongs, bracelets or other jewelries and small restaurants serve shakes and fresh coconuts.

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