Probolinggo – Mount Bromo – Java

Mostly known as a base for the Mount Bromo Hiking Tour Probolinggo usually doesn’t host many foreigners. And honestly there is not really much more to see than the main spot Bromo. 

Mount Bromo

Some people stay in a hostel there and take a shuttle to Hill King King at 3 am in the morning to hike up there for the sunrise. Others stay one night closer to the sunrise point in small villages. As the accommodations getting more expensive the closer you get to the typical sunrise spots we decided to stay in Probolinggo. If you find some people joining you for the tour the shuttle van gets cheaper.

Starting at 3 am in the morning we were heading to the bottom of Hill King Kong. Everyday there are a bunch of mini vans getting up there parking next to each other bringing the mass for the sunrise. After a 40 minutes walk up the hill you’ll reach the sunrise platform. Most people would stay there. We climbed up a little bit further – which is not that easy in the darkness – to get away from the crowds. Unfortunately we’ve been a little bit late otherwise we could have climbed even higher to get on top of the hill with an even better view.
To be honest we’ve been a little bit disappointed as the view at this point is not the best to catch the sunrise and Mount Bromo at the same time. The light is nice but I am sure that there are better spots to visit this area.After watching the sunrise we had to hurry back to our mini van to get transferred to another jeep which took us through the „Sea of Sand“ – a huge area covered with volcanic ash. We felt like on a safari as our driver was racing as being on a run which made it even more fun! Again a lot of jeeps were parking next to each other waiting for the crowds climbing up the crater and getting back. We had to cross a huge, wide area of volcanic ash, passing a temple, hiking up a steep stone wall to get to the stairs up the crater. These stairs were killing at this point. The whole trip is really exhausting- especially considering you haven’t really slept – but it is so worth the effort. Standing on this crater has been an amazing moment as I’ve never been that close to an active Volcano before. Looking around to see the huge stunning landscape makes you feel really small.

On the downside of all these massive landscapes locals torture cute small horses to carry lazy tourists up and down Hill King Kong as well as at the crater. It made me angry and sad to watch the pour horses not getting enough water while wandering around in the heat and the owners would even reject us offering some water to them.
If you’ll get there: please don’t support this animal torture!

Bentar Beach

Actually there is not really a beach to relax. It’s more about a nice spot to enjoy the sea breeze, a nice view on Mount Bromo and a beautiful sunset point.

Pulau Ketapang

There are several local boats leaving to this really small island around every 30 min, or whenever the boat is full. In this case: packed! It is kind of an adventure to come to this island and although it is interesting to see the life over there it is exhausting to get asked about taking pictures of you all the time. Lying in bikini on the beach was definitely not possible but there are nice rest areas to relax a bit in the shade.

The boat shouldn’t be more than 20 k for a round trip. For half a day it’s a nice trip but be ready to get everyone’s attention.

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