Yogyakarta – Java

Getting to Yogyakarta felt a bit like coming home. It’s a warm and cozy city and you can feel the vibes of Yogyakarta easily. Although we didn’t plan to stay that long we ended up spending five days there. We stayed in a wonderful hostel with great local people offering us the best tips about the city and several places around Yogyakarta. It is perfectly located to enjoy the breathtaking landscapes of this area. But even after five days we still haven’t seen everything we wanted to.

The best way to discover the close spots is renting a scooter and go on your own.

Prambanan and surrounding temples

There are two big temples to visit while staying in Yogyakarta. Prambanan and Borobudur. The entrance fee for these two temples are quite expensive (around 25€ each) so we finally decided to skip Prambanan. Most people visit Prambanan temple for sunset as it is a beautiful scene. It is around 30 minutes by scooter from Yogyakarta city centre.

There are a lot of smaller temples in the area of Prambanan to discover and which look similar to the big one. For students the entrance is about half the price, so not too bad! The entrance fees for the smaller temples are quite cheap – around 2000 – 10 000 IDR (not even 1€).

Tip: If you gonna visit the temples bring your student card as it allows you a great discount (50%).

Candi Sambisari
Candi Sari


Candi Plaosan Lor/Kidul
Candi Ijo (nice for sunset)
Ratu Boko

This temple is known for visiting at sunset time as it’s located on a hill. The entrance is similar to Prambanan but less strict about the student fare. It seems to be a simple temple on first sight but there are a lot of hidden beauties. I liked the atmosphere at this place a lot.

Borobudur Temple

Before visiting this temple I was totally convinced that no temple might be as impressive as Angkor Wat in Cambodia has been. And then I happened to see the wonder of Borobudur for sunrise. The magic and the energy of this place is hard to explain. It felt like in a different way to watch the stunning landscape around the temple to awake. Watching the sun to arise between the trees and mountains. Definitely my highlight during our stay in Yogyakarta!

Chicken Church

Yes it is exactly what it sounds like. A church in the shape of a chicken. Actually there is not much more to say about it. It is a funny place with a nice view on the jungle from the top of the chicken.

Taman Sari Water Castle & the secret mosque

A beautiful place in the center of Yogakarta. It is located in a nice area separated by walls from the surrounding rush. You will find a bunch of Batik Shops and Art Galleries on your way to the castle. Entrance fee is around 1€. The water castle itself is not really big but there are plenty of local guides keening to show you around and guiding you to the secret underground mosque next to the temple. Your guide might stop at a small place serving the famous Luwak Coffee. If you like coffee it’s definitely worth a try.

Malioboro Street

Need some souvenirs? Wanna do some shopping? This is the perfect place for you to go. A street full of shops and stalls are waiting for you! It might be hard to choose where to go first in this street but you will definitely find what you are looking for…and even more.

Sri Gethuk

We got to this waterfall kind of accidentally. Actually we planned to visit a waterfall and a nature pool in the other direction of Yogyakarta. As there was a misunderstanding with our driver and we both fell asleep in the car we woke up at the totally wrong place. But we made the best out if it and finally ended up at this waterfall!

During high season this place is packed for sure! It’s a wonderful place to have a swim and the waterfall is just beautiful. We walked a path along the cliffs but it seems like the common way during high season is to take a boat ride there. The water is clear and the surrounding jungle makes it an amazing view.

Goa Rancang Kencono

The cave is just next to the Sri Gethuk. It was an amazing feeling to be in this big cave just by ourself and to enjoy the quietness down there. The huge tree is really impressive and it’s a nice spot to feel the power of nature.

Kebun Buah Mangunan

Our last stop on the unplanned trip. Our driver brought us here and we were fascinated by the massive view over the whole area. There are some small bamboo huts at the hillside to relax and enjoy the view.

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