Bandung – Java

While visiting Banding we figured out that it’s more about the beautiful surrounding area than about Banding itself. We’ve only been there for two days which is not enough as there are so many beautiful spots to visit. Discovering the area and especially visiting the further away spots can be quite challenging in Bandung. It is not really easy to find a good and reliable bike rental and while using a taxi it is advisable to get a bike taxi instead of a car. The traffic can be horrible and we got stuck in there more than once. Three hours for 11 km can be really annoying. We were lucky to find a local guy taking us to wonderful spots south of Bandung. We spent a day discovering the White crater, tea and strawberry plantations and some nice places close by.


While doing my research for Bandung I found these incredible pictures of a forest with huge trees. I figured out it’s north of Bandung at a Orchid Farm. We took a taxi to get there but as it was a Saturday and a long weekend at the same time so it took us forever to get there. Taking a local bus from Lembang city to the farm we finally arrived there after 3 hours drive (it’s a total distance of 12 km…). Getting there we had to find out that the farm is currently closed as the forest got immensely damaged during several thunderstorms. Well, the only thing we could do was to discover the small part of the forest we could reach by passing a resort located next to the farm. Just walking for a few meters let you disappear in the cover of the giant trees.
Even if we couldn’t get to the farm itself it has been worth a visit. The guys from the public bus waited for us to take us back to the city centre of Lembang and were playing party music all along.

It has been a funny experience just one tip: don’t go on a Saturday!

Kawah Putih

The so called ‚White crater‘ is an amazing natural spectacle in the south of Bandung. It takes about 1,5 hours drive to get there but it’s worth the way. Taking the shuttle bus up the hill is cheaper than taking your own car up there – and it’s an adventure too. Along the bumpy, steep ride you will here the engine roaring. It’s a lot of fun!

Getting to the top let you smell the sulfur right away. It’s time to wear your face mask. You don’t need to wear it but you will feel the sulfur in your throat and lungs pretty fast.
Wandering around the lake in the crater is about magic. I read in the internet that the lake changes it’s color with the sunlight and the fog covering the water. Natural is fascinating.

Tea & strawberry plantations

On your way from Kawah Putih to the you will pass huge tea and strawberry plantations. The green color of these beauties are smashing and I couldn’t take enough pictures of the wide landscapes.

Patenggang Lake

A beautiful lake surrounded by tea & strawberry plantations and forest. There is a nice restaurant located in a huge wooden ship to enjoy a meal with a great view on the lake.

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