One month of traveling

I’ve never used a visa until the very last day before. And actually I even considered to expire my visa. The more time I’ve spent in Thailand the more I wanted to discover the different facets of it. But there is so much more to see in this world and I know that I will be back in Thailand for sure so I’ve decided to go on.

30 days of Thailand

I traveled through the highlands in the north, I relaxed at the beaches in the south, I wandered through the rush of Bangkok and discovered some history in central Thailand. One thing never really changed: the Thais tend to look at you in a really suspicious and distanced way. But it only takes a smile and a friendly ‚sah wah dee khaa’ to gain their smile and even if you don’t ask for it they will offer you help and assistance as far as possible.

Meet the world in every single place

Although it feels a little bit strange to leave the familiar surroundings of Thailand I am totally looking forward to move on to the next country – Indonesia. I had an amazing time in Thailand and I can’t think of a better start of my world trip. No matter where I’ve been I met so many great people on my way. Locals as well as travelers. I can’t wait to meet some of them again someday, somewhere in the world. Spending only one or two days together can be enough to start a friendship that lasts. While traveling through a country you’ll get to know more than only this country, more than only this culture. You meet these people telling you stories about their live back home – wherever this home might be. And you get to know your own country and your own culture in a different way while finding yourself confronted with various cultures every day.

Getting closer

I’ve chosen many different kinds of accommodations in Thailand. Hotels, Resorts, Hostels and  Homestays. Every kind got its advantages and disadvantages. And even though hostels are the best way to find company while traveling I would like to start to stay in homestays and couchsurfing places more often to get in touch with the locals and their everyday life. And I finally need to loose the holiday spirit (it’s a bit about the money as well…).

Indonesia – here I am! 

Originally I planned to fly to Bali and starting my Indonesia travel there but my plans got changed by the situation with the volcano. So I booked my flight (luckily I hadn’t booked any ticket so far) to Jakarta. Together with a french girl I met in Chiang Mai, Java is the first stop in Indonesia. 17 508 islands waiting to get discovered.

Not the best start 

Actually the first 24 hours in Indonesia haven’t been good at all. I got stuck at the airport last night as it took me over 2 hours to get a taxi to the city centre. No uber, no Grab available and obviously everyone got recommended to take the ‚Blue Bird‘ Taxis only so the queue was endless. Luckily I could share a taxi with a Canadian couple but still arrived in the hostel in the middle of the night. This morning someone stole my sandals just in front of my room. I left them there for 30 minutes and as it is quite common that you take off your shoes in Asia to get inside so I didn’t bother about it at any time. Till today… I kept telling people that backpackers usually don’t steal as everyone is in the same boat but obviously there are some sneaky backpackers or maybe some sneaky locals around. Very sad! The city itself is not really nice and so there are plenty reasons I am looking forward to move on tonight. Next stop: Bandung.

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