How about some more Thailand?!

All right. Here we go: 3 weeks are over. It already feels like months.
After completing the Mae Hong Son Loop in North-Thailand and freezing way more than I expected to within my first 10 days in Southeastasia I decided to head to the south! It was definitely time for sun, sand and beach.

Be prepared for Krabi!

Technically I didn’t plan to stay in Krabi (mainland) but after a 20 hours trip with the nightbus from Chiang Mai to Bangkok and the flight to Krabi I decided to stay for one night in Krabi before taking the ferry to one of the islands. Yes, that was the plan. And then came ‚Pak Up‘ – the best hostel I’ve ever been to. The staff organizes group activities everyday and so I ended up at a Pub Crawl at Ao Nang beach that night.. At this point I might skip over the details but a great time with great people that became my family for the next days started right there.

We planned our own island hopping tour starting from Krabi Town and spent an amazing day on Ko Poda, Ko Tup, Chicken Island and Railay Beach.

More Party?! Welcome to Ko Phi Phi!

After three days in Krabi a group of four of us took the ferry to Ko Phi Phi. Many different opinions about this island might reach you. One thing is for sure: the island itself is so beautiful and amazing!
But to be honest: I was a bit overwhelmed from all the party people, the tourists in general and the prices over there.

Next stop: Ko Lanta!

So after two nights and not even three days we decided to move on to the more peaceful island Koh Lanta. Actually I’ve been here before, in 2014. I remember how much I enjoyed our stay on this island. Same same now! I found myself a cozy bungalow on Relax Bay – a wonderful beach I was looking for as we stayed here last time already. There is so much to do and even more to see on this island but except from a half-day-trip to the waterfall I’ve just enjoyed the lazy time on the beach. Reading a good book and sipping on my Banana-Chocolate-Shake all day long. Could be worse!

Me, myself and I

So here I am, my ‚family‘ split up in different directions. After spending the last 8 days with these great mates I am also happy to settle down for a moment and to spend some time alone. Moreover it’s actually a long time ago I used my Netflix Account…

What’s next?

I’m gonna fly in to Bangkok tomorrow evening. There are some things left ‚close‘ to Bangkok that I would like to see before discovering another country.

By now I’ve made the decision to continue this blog only in English. My English might not be perfect yet – by far not! But it seems easier this way.

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