Krabi & Islands – Southern Thailand

Full of beautiful beaches, amazing viewpoints and incredible landscapes the southern part of Thailand is a paradise for sunlovers. After spending 10 days in the north of Thailand, freezing a lot in the highlands I made my way there to catch some sun and good vibes. Honestly I didn’t plan to stay in Krabi for more than one night but it turned out to be a perfect base for some activities and day trips.

The Tiger Cave Temple

Ready for some workout? Then go ahead and climb the 1256 steps leading to the big golden Buddha on top. The steps are really steep and high. Additionally you will meet a bunch of monkeys on your way. They are quite peaceful but as soon as they sniff a chance to grab anything they will go for it. So keep an eye on your stuff and don’t feed them! Unfortunately we climbed the temple on a rainy, foggy evening but it is a nice viewpoint and can likely be done for the sunset. Just make sure to get back fast enough as there is no light next to the stairs.

Railay Beach

Railay Beach can only be reached by boat. Longtail boats heading there from all piers around Railay frequently. From Krabi Town it costs 150 Baht (4€) one way to get there.
You will get dropped of at Railay East which is more about restaurants, some small shops and travel agencies whereas Railay West with the nice beach is mostly covered with Resorts and restaurants. It is quite touristic and the prices are higher than in Krabi.


There are a few tour guides offering the climbing adventure at the rocks next to Railway East pier. I already did this in 2016 and really enjoyed the challenge. Getting up there is an unique experience and offers you an amazing view.

Princess Lagoon and viewpoint

Seeking for adventure? Here you go! You might not find the signs to the lagoon at first sight. It directs up the rocks next to the path between Railay East and Railay West. Only watching other people getting up there seems to be an adventure itself. Depending on how slippery the red sand is you might already get an idea of how dirty you might come back from this trip. Once you made it to the top you have to choose turning right or left. If you turn left it only takes you a few more minutes to reach the viewpoint with an amazing view over Railay. Turning right will lead you to another world. At least that’s how I felt while climbing down to the lagoon. You will pass huge trees, parts of jungle and some hidden beauties of nature. After climbing and sliding down for a while you will get to 3 bamboo leathers. Steep, high, slippery and in the middle of nowhere. Finally getting to the lagoon – a quite and peaceful place if you wait for a few moments to be there on your own. The way down is not easy at all and it took me about 1,5 hours to get there and back.

My advice: Definitely try to get there on a dry day. If it recently rained it will be absolutely slippery and dangerous. Although the surrounding is beautiful it is hard to enjoy the trip when you have to concentrate that much not to fall down the slope.

Phra Nang Noi Cave – The famous Penis Cave

At the southern end of Railay West located it is worth a visit. You can also enjoy the famous postcard scene of Railay Beach with the rocks in front of the beach right next to the cave.

Island Hopping Tour

Many agencies offer organized Island Tours. But it costs only 2500-3000 Baht  (about 65-80€) – depending on how men people you are – to rent a Longtail Boat. In a group of at least 4-5 people it’s absolutely worth it. If you ever get to Krabi I can warmly recommend this to you! It is perfect to discover the area without being told when and where to go or to stop.

Ko Poda

OH MY GOD! I am so in love with this island! Definitely one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen! Although the island itself is quite small you can easily find a spot for yourself as it isn’t really crowded. White, soft sand, amazing views to nearby islands and rocks as well as clear blue water. Paradise!

Ko Tup and the Chicken Island

Snorkling at Chicken Island

These Islands are more likely to be busy. Ko Tup is really small and is close to Chicken Island. These two islands are connected by a sandbank. You can swim or walk from one to another. In front of Chicken Island are some nice spots for snorkeling. Not really that exciting but nice!

Ko Phi Phi

I heard a few things about Ko Phi Phi before I finally came here. It is definitely a Party Island and there are tons of tourists as well. But nevertheless it’s a beautiful island with some nice spots and activities to do. There are accommodations in the middle of the party area as well as some nice and quite resorts up the hill and ‚far away‘ from the hustle.

Viewpoint No. 3


The ‚Viewpoint 3‘ is horrible to achieve in the heat (especially during noon – worst idea ever!!!) but the view is unbelievable! Party. Yes, there it is. It’s dedicated to be a party island and this is guaranteed: you can slightly party all day long on Koh Phi Phi.

Monkey Beach, Maya Bay and Viking Cave – Trip

Bunch of agencies offer every kind of tour and day trips. Usually I avoid these group tours but due to the lack of time we booked a half-day trip. At the Monkey Beach I just felt sorry for the monkeys being chased by the tourists. Tons of boats stop there at the same time and the crowds try to cuddle the monkeys, feed them although it’s not allowed and some of them got even bitten. Not really worth a visit.

After the Monkey Beach we had the possibility to snorkel for a while at Ao Loh Samah. Nice but nothing really special to see there. Maya Bay…well. Actually we got dropped at Ao Koh Bay, hat to

Ko Lanta

I’ve been on Ko Lanta before and I couldn’t wait to get here again. It’s a beautiful island to enjoy the beach and to relax before going on. Although Ko Lanta consists of different islands most tourists head to Ko Lanta Yai. You can reach Ko Lanta either by ferry or by minivan from several places around the area.

Mu Ko Lanta Nationalpark

I’ve visited the Nationalpark in 2014 and really enjoyed it. Taking a scooter to get there will offer you a nice trip along the coastline. There are different beaches on the way and great viewpoints to stop for beautiful pictures.
In the national park itself there are some things to discover. There is a great viewpoint up the hill, a wonderful beach to have a swim and a bit of jungle to meet up with the monkeys. Oh and watch out your things on the beach. The monkeys are not only in the jungle and not really shy .They tend to get interesting stuff out of your bags if you leave them unwatched.

Khlong Chak Waterfall

It was a bit of an adventure to get to this waterfall. You have to hike for about 30-40 minutes through the jungle to get there. There are a few paths leading there – more or less difficult and adventurous. You’ll have to cross the small river and find your way through the trees but it’s not to hard to manage. Depending on the weather situation the waterfall will be more or less intense.
If you stay a few days on Ko Lanta and like adventure it’s a nice trip there but I wouldn’t call it a ‚Must see‘.

Relax Bay

My favorite beach on Ko Lanta. I might have not seen all beaches there but for me this one is special. It is a quite small bay with some cute bungalows and resorts. It’s usually not too crowded and the perfect spot to have some calm, relaxed days with delicious cheap food and some entertainment around.

Long Beach


Although it is a nice beach with a nice distance to wander around it was quite dirty and not really special here. It is okay for 1-2 days but there are so many other places to enjoy sun, sea and fruit shakes.

Khlong Dao Beach

Close to the pier this beach is a little bit cleaner than Long Beach. There are several resorts located at the beach that offer good food and drinks for a cooling down.

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