The less of routine – the more of life!


On the one hand it’s unbelievable it’s only 9 days ago I started this trip and on the other hand it’s hard to imagine only one week passed since I left my life in Germany behind.

I was happy to spend the first 7 days together with my friends in the northern part of Thailand but as from yesterday I am traveling on my own. And I must confess that with this fact the holiday mode starts fading away. As I am doing the Mae Hong Son Loop at the moment it took me 110 km to get from Pai to the next stop Mae Hong Son. Of course it wasn’t only me on the curvy streets of Mae Hong Son Province but nevertheless there were these moments when nobody was in sight – nowhere. And you start realizing what your decision is about.
Next up: an emotional roller coaster out of`Holy crap!!!’ and `How cool is that?!’ as well as some sighs, smiles and states of shock every now and then. But at the end of the day I enjoy the calm and quiet place at the Nong Jong Kam Lake in this small town sitting on the balcony of my hostel.
Ready for new adventures!